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  1. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I live in the Denver Metro area and I've recently become extremely addicted to cat fishing. For the past two or so years I've been fishing at some close by ponds and lakes but the biggest catfish I've managed to catch was maybe 2 and a half pounds. So I was wondering if anyone could give any...
  2. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Alright, so I usually fish for large species like Largemouth, Walleye, and catfish here in Colorado. But with the bass in the beds and dealing with their spawning, so far all that's truly biting are smaller fish. I've been going for Crappie, but don't exactly know how to target them. So who's...
  3. Colorado Ice Fishing
    Hey all! It's been a while since I've been ice fishing, went up to Dowdy at Red Feather yesterday with some friends, but they got cold and forced me off the lake after only about an hour of fishing and one bite. I am hoping to go again (somewhere) on Saturday, and spend a little more time. I...
1-3 of 4 Results