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  1. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Would you like to know where the fish are? Well I’ll find out for you! I just need a hint on where to go and what to use ;) More details: I’m traveling to stay in Chromo, CO with some buddies for May 23-27. We have not the slightest idea of where to go or what to use - we are fly fisherman...
  2. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hey all! I'm heading up to some Gold Medal Waters for trout in the next few weeks. I'm curious what your recommendations are for the best-colored ROOSTER TAIL and PANTHER MARTIN lures? That is, what colors of these lures have you had most success with? Thanks!
  3. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    The river where I catch trout
  4. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Making a trip up there mid-november. Is it worth the time?
  5. Colorado Fly Fishing
    Is it true that the flood changed/washed out almost every stream and river on the east side the foothills (and close to the divide in spots) from south of Boulder to north past Fort Collins (including the Poudre Canyon). My friend couldn't use his toilet at his house for over a month and the...
  6. Colorado Fly Fishing
    One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the Animas is a river that should be on your list of places to fish. When Juan Rivera passed...
  7. Out of state fishing
    caught 3 of these rare and beautiful fish
  8. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Since my initial question was so dumb I would like to pose just a general question. What species have you caught in Monument Lake? I've only managed to catch rainbow stockers and was just curious if anyone has had any luck catching anything else. Thanks!
  9. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hi everyone - I'm new to Colorado and I love most everything outdoors, especially fishing. I'm originally from Minnesota and most of my fishing experience is largemouth bass, pike and walleye. I live in Denver and would like some advice on places to go fishing. There don't seem to be many lakes...
  10. Buy and Sell
    Fish the South Platte River Gold Water for only $10.00 per year. This is 5.5 miles of exclusive rights for members of the community. RV Parking/Camping is FREE. If you are looking for that very special place where you can fish, hunt, hike, ride ATV/UTV, build a camp fire, and watch the stars...
  11. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I have been wondering this for a while. What is the best trout river that is close to Denver. I often fish the Arkansas, but his is 2.5 hours away. What do you all think the best river is that is still close to denver for short day trips that is still worth the time.. I often fish Clear...
  12. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I am going to be going fishing at Turquoise Lake this weekend and was wondering what part of the lake is best to take my nephew fishing from the shore? Thanks.
  13. Colorado Fly Fishing
    I "volunteered" for a business trip to Golden next week. I figured I'd go a few days early (getting there on 6/20) and get a few days of fly fishing before my business begins. Any advice on where to stay and fish? I need to be back in Golden by mid-day on Monday, but I'm open to places within...
  14. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I am looking for a spot to catch fish to eat within a 30-ish minute drive of Golden, CO. Is it safe to eat trout out of Clear Creek? I know the stream used to be incredibly polluted, but it looks like some large cleanup projects have been carried out in the past few years.
  15. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    I've been slowly developing fishing apps that pull the state's stocking reports together over the past few years and just completed the Colorado version: It's nothing fancy, but will send notifications when new reports are...
  16. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Hey guys, I'm headed to the Grand Mesa for 4 days this weekend and I'm looking for advise for a few good spots to fish from shore. I was there in July and had a great outing (9 fish in 1.5 hrs) at a relatively accessible lake but was only catching trout in the 8-12" range. I would love to get...
  17. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    hey all im new to the denver area and Colorado for that matter. im looking for some places to fish. anything from bluegills and crappies to walleyes and trout and anything else that swims! would appreciate some good info! thanks!
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    Like the Grand Lake Chamber at and post a picture of your favorite catch and be automatically entered to win a fishing trip in Grand Lake! Keep voting for Grand Lake as the Ultimate Fishing Town Colorado...
1-18 of 18 Results