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  1. Out of state fishing reports
    This video tells the story... Carp fishing on the fly is certainly an Unfounded Utopia that yeilds an Unfounded Utopia! Enjoy in FULL HD!
  2. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    "CARP QUEST" video, "MY" video, I got skunked today, may have had 3 or 4 Nibbles, holes chewed in nightcrawler, "flinching" rod tip, etc. Found a nice looking Drop-Off across the water near the road, no luck. Went back to Elaine Valente...
  3. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    Here's the latest video I put together of me and my buddy Doug working the fly rods for Walleyes here in New Mexico... hope you enjoy!
  4. Colorado Fishing Lounge
    My wife hauled in this beast Laker last week at Heron Lake. She was using this cheap Wal Mart rod and reel with 6 pound test rigged on a JawJacker. The fish went 35 1/2 inches and had a 24 1/2" Girth! Thanks for watching....
1-4 of 4 Results