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Glad to say I've fished every day this year. Other than that, not much to report. Fished the south shore with my boy and his cousin. Ice was about 8-9 inches thick, clear, and VERY active. The boys were a little bit scared at first with all the noise and such, but they got over it. Fished in about 12 ft. of water. No fish landed, but got a few hits on small jigs with butter worms. Had a nice one(about 20") to the bottom of the hole, but the hook straightened out and he got away. Those cheap ass jigs I got from Amazon probably work good for stockers, but I probably won't use them again in South Park. Really nice day that got into the 40's. Got windy about 1430. Probably will try to get there earlier next week as I won't have a New Year to ring in at Mom's.
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