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Fished 11 Mile at Stoll Mtn. from just after 5:00 AM until about 9:00 AM today. Didn't mark a fish until 6:30. Between 6:30 and 7:45 landed 2 fat 17" rainbows and one just under 16". Missed 1 other fish and broke off 2 (1 on the hookset and one that seemed to cut me off on the ice with a quick direction change). Then all went dead for the next 1:45. The wind blew steadily the whole time, but when it really picked up a little after 9:00 I decided to bag it.

Boy are those fish fat and strong. Well worth the drive down.

Morsels of choice were shrimpos, ratsos and tiny marabous w/ waxworms in 16' fow.

Sorry I didn't see you down there, TAL0. By the time my fish had slowed down the wind had picked up and I didn't feel like driving around the lake and dragging everything out half a mile. Hope you found the kokes and tattooed a few!

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Good job Don,
you did better than I did. I fished Stoll this morning and only caught one 16.5" bow. We had a couple other bites but overall it was very slow. I saw most action in 15', but caught the fish in 20'. Didn't see near as many fish as I have in previous trips to that area. I think I'm gonna try a different spot next time. I wanted to go somewhere else today, but got talked out of it. I should have listened to you Jerry!
The wind really did howl today. I lost a bucket, then caught someone elses. I recovered mine from a friendly fellow at the parking lot, and left the blue bucket i caught at the parking lot (weighted down with rocks).
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