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11 mile 1/7 tournament

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Fished the tournament last saturday. For me and my partner, it was another skunk at 11 mile. Started fishing lazy boy west towards bluffs at 7am. Threw everything at em for 3 hours. Drilled tons of holes in 12-25fow. No bites, we then went to hit the kokes in the channel east of deer island around 10, but it was too late as their bite had ended too. As usual the wind came in just before noon, and we hightailed back to the trailer for some beer.
But we had a great time, learned a lot of new things, and saw some awesome fish. At weigh in, I saw a couple of monster pike, along with a 5" baby pike. It was amazing. Larry gave away tons and tons of door prizes, and the buffalo burgers were AWESOME!! I recommend everyone check out next months tournament.
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