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Got to the lake about 6:30, by the time we got our clothes on,the sleds , gear on the ice, and the huts anchored down it was just after 7 when we started fishing. We started fishing in 10' about 100 yards straight south at Stoll Mountain, at about 8:30 I moved a little further out and fished in 14', caught a 16" bow about 9:00 and didn't catch another until 11:00, then caught 2 more clones. Gave up at 1:30. The boys caught 2, 16" fish about 9:00 also. All fish were caught on cream colored Ratos, in about a size 10, tipped with half a meal worm.
The wind was blowing steady when we got there I would guess 10-15 mph, stayed that way till about 9:00 and picked up a little, around 11:00 it slowed way down for about 15 min., and then hold on to your hat, huts, buckets, you name it, hold on. The wind when we left had to be bowing close to 30 mph steady, with gusts much higher 40 mph+, I would guess. The holes were filling up with blowing snow, that was left on the ice, tough fishing outside. The boys wanted to stay, they were fine in the hut, I was wind blown.
On another note I have two Eskimo huts one is the large 3 man flip up and the other is a 2 man Traveler. I took the Traveler down, IMO not made for much wind, the larger hut was fine.
Have a Good Christmas
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