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I went to eleven mile today. I arrived at about 6:45 and the main boat ramp was frozen solid along with most of the south side of the lake and the temp was 28 degrees and very foggy. By the time I left in the afternoon the boat ramp was free of ice and the temp was 62 degrees.
I fished from sucker cove and started out by throwing every damn lure I own with out even so much as a nibble for 3 hours and then I went wading in order to recover a $5 rapala.
I then switched over to orange/green swirl PB with the sparkles and immediately started catching bows -- I was floating the PB 3 - 5 feet off of the bottom and not more than 25 - 30 ft out. All said and done I landed 5 trout  1 12 incher 3 in the 15 inch range and one just a hair over 16 inches. I lost 2 more right at the shore and missed many strikes. They were only giving you one hit and then they were gone. The fish may not have been huge but they were a blast -- most of them were doing cartwheels across the top of the water and putting on great aerial displays. Also there is a picture of a 12 pound bow at the 11mile general store that someone caught last week in the river.

Here is what the trout look like now -- should be good on the grill
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