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    Hit 11 Mile Sat., hard day on the water. Started at about 8:00 throwing cranks down on the east end of lake, not a sign of life in Witchers, barely scoped a fish in the whole cove.Went across to the north side and caught one trout about 13"(released) trolling a Pointer SP. Headed up to the inlet area from one side to the other but got the ole skunk up there also. Saw one boat pull in a lil hammerhandle and a shore fisherman pull in a real nice rainbow, but that was pretty much it all day from the boat, wasn't watching the koke fishermen so I can't tell you how that was.
   Weather wasn't bad at all,lil overcast with a slight breeze(11 mile breeze  :D). Water temps were 43 degrees on the east end and 45 at the west. The pike should be on the nest now being 45 degrees, so I give it a couple more weeks and it'll turn on great!!!
    I stopped in and talked to Larry at the marina, the entry forms for the No-Name tourney are out now(May 20 & 21 ) so stop in and see him and pick up your entry form!!!
     Have fun and cya on the water!!!!

Fished the mile on the 21st w/ my wife and 22nd with the wife and nephew.. Same pattern both days. Started at howbert about 8:30 fishing bait and casting lures in about 15 ft of water. Caught two 18" bows on mallows fished on the bottom on friday w/ nothing on lures. On Sat. we caught two 17" bows on powerbait and my nephew landed a nice 18-1/2" bow on a gold/black rapala.

Trolled both days from about 11:00 till 1:00. Landed 3 kokes on Friday using flasher/arnie combo without downriggers or divers...missed several other bites. My wife hooked into a HUGE brown over by rocky flats while we were trolling for jumped out of the water 100 yards behind the boat....she managed to get it about 3 ft from the net and then it shook the hook. No luck trolling on Sat.

We spent a couple hours in the afternoon in search of pike but we found none. We did see one guy over by the marina w/ a nice sized one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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