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Hit 11 Mile on Wednesday.
Trolled for Kokes in the AM and between a buddy and I we landed 10 and long distance released a 1/2 dozen more. all landed on cowbells, dipsy divers, lead core, white corn, wedding rings, taz devils, etc....

Around 10 we decided to try our hand at pike.  My second cast met with an explosive surface strike and I landed a 20 inch pike. All said and done we landed 3 pike. 20", 24" and 30". We lost 3 more including one bite off. steel leaders are for beginners!!!
And apparently also for people who like to throw away money  ;D

We pitched stick baits the whole time. Color didn't seem to matter as much as the action. There are still a lot of pike in that lake and we saw them everywhere,  in the shallows,  including tons of 6" - 10" pike that were hitting my lure, which was nearly as big as they were. We saw plenty of 30 inch plus pike also, just sunning themselves in the shallows.

oh yeah, BRING YOUR BUG SPRAY !!!!

Off to Alaska on Saturday, were I hopefully get the chance to gaff some halibut and bludgeon some kings.

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Thanks, Slayer
11 mile is truly a spectacular fishery.

MB -- I have done well in the early spring at 11 mile but I do not fish from the shore much in the summer.

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Hey monkeybutt-if you must shore fish 11-mile this summer,your best bet is at night!Really,really early will work also,like 3am till maybe 9am.I've only night-fished 11-mile about 6 or 7 times but every time it was goood!
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