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Fishing is still good at 11Mile. A lot of boats out this weekend, but plenty of fish to go around. A buddy and I landed about 20, ~10 kokes and ~10 bows. lost 10 or 15. Finally found a couple 3 year old kokes after looking for the past few weekends. both 18 1/2 inches and nice and fat.  Tasted great great on the grill. all caught on standard trolling gear (see previous reports)


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all over the lake -- deer island to sucker cove. And all depths
Dan said:
good reports, Ken and Mauser.  Sorry the skunk was out for you Ken.  What areas were you guys fishing in?


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Ken Broeren said:
I was out there today 7/5- from 7am to 1pm - just a few boats on the water.   8)

Bluebird skies, NO wind (imagine that!), but fishing was slow on my boat.  We caught the dreaded skunk!   :mad:

We casted a lot of hardware today in 10+ feet of water and had 2 fish hooked and they spit the lure when jumping out of the water.  We threw vibrax spinners, Rapala Countdowns, Floaters, and Taildancers.   The two we hooked came on a rainbow trout colored taildancer and the other was on a size 11 gold countdown. 

Water was clear - could see lures about 6 feet down over most of the lake.

Saw a couple boats at the docks come in and they did pretty well, using flashers and trolling in deeper water than where we were fishing.

Water temp was 59 near the inlet and 62 -63 by the islands in the middle of the lake.

Great day to be on the water - good day fishing - lousy day catching! :)
My neighbor and his daughter went on the 3rd and were skunked as well.
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