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Got into the canyon around 9AM Saturday and we had our pick of spots. We fished just past the double tunnels in the gold medal section. It was windy from the start and pretty cold. The flow was around 50cfs, the water temperature was an even 40 degrees and there was lots of shelf ice around the banks. It was clearly going to be a tough day. My buddy and I picked up some fish but the wind was disheartening, especially in the early morning. My buddy caught about a dozen while I caught half as many. Olive RS-2's, size 20-22 were doing the trick. I caught a nice 15-16" bow on a humpback scud.

We moved up below the dam after lunch and I took a couple on a grey thread pupa with a black beadhead and silver wire that was dropped behind an attractor that I could see. The fish were just not moving much and there was no real insects coming off that I could tell. I even seined the river twice and saw a few mayfly pupa floating down - not much going on yet. Probably needs two more weeks to heat up.

All I can say is that I was happy not to be sitting in my hut on the reservoir - it woul dhave been a full time job keeping it from blowing away!
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