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31 Aug 14 i set out on a camping adventure to 11 mile canyon. First time fly fishing alone might I add. Arrived at 730 am with so much anticipation. I began in a little spot with a beautiful drop off with current flowing right into it. I put on a dry fly i never used before and started casting. Sure enough after 2 or 3 iffy casts i was hit. After a 10 second struggle i pulled in my first Cutty on a dry fly. Mind you it was only half a pound at most i was still stoked. After another 20 minutes i was bit again but i lost the fish and it felt like a good one.

Soon after we went up farther up the trail i had a gut feeling about this spot. I rigged up a elk hair caddis to a nymph to a small midge (amazing pattern compliments of mmike for tying me some last minute). My instict was right i started slaying them i caught 2 dinks, 2 18inch assorted rainbow and cutthroat. All from the same he! Lets just say this will be my new confidence spot!

We called it a day on account of my 7 month fussing so weleft around 2pm. The following morning i caught a 16 inch rainbow that faught like mike tyson! The water flow was perfect. The water was clear and i could see fish with my polo shades 2 plus feet under.

All in all fishing was great the night was cold. It was the best 6$ entrance fee i ever paid!!
Was just there on friday and the fishing was awesome. It's a pretty special place. The dry fly action was excellent on terrestrials and stimis. Good to hear you're getting in to it by yourself.
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