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(copied from  official web page for 11 Mile state park)

The reservoir's water level is now full. Due to ice conditions, Eleven Mile Reservoir will close to boating on November 29, 2005. Ice covers more than 80% of the lake with thicknesses ranging from one-half to two inches. The reservoir will re-open to boating after ice-off, typically in late March or early April. Please remember that during the formation stage, the thin ice makes for extremely hazardous conditions. We highly recommend that fishermen drill test holes to determine ice depth. It is a good idea to wait until there is at least five or six inches of solid, clear ice before venturing out on it. When on the ice, it is also a good practice to have a buddy with you, carry a fifty-foot length of rope and wear a life jacket.

Its looking good for December 17th! :) ;) ;D :eek: 8) ::)

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