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Flounder and I hauled our boat down to 11 Mile last Saturday for the first time ever. It was fairly slow for us, but we managed to get a few Kokes and Rainbows with our trolling gear. We also tried for Pike for a little while in Wichers Cove, but no dice. We caught almost all of our fish just up from the "no boat" zone on the south end, to the east of the big island down there in about 25-40 FOW. All of the rainbows were taken on an orange Needlefish pulled behind a downrigger. The lure the kokanee liked was an orange Super Duper. I think we spent the first part of the morning trolling too slow. Someone told us to work about 0.5 - 1 mph, but we didn't get much action until we started moving 1.5 mph.

I'd post a photo but I'm not sure what I need to do.
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