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11 mile reservoir tips?

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whats up fellas gonna be headin up to 11 mile here in 2 weeks havent been there since i was a young kid with the pops and anyone have and knowledge they couldnt give to me about the lake? as far as baits lures locations n such would be greatly appreciated its actually a company thing headin up with all the fishermen at work and i would love to show them guys up!!!! lol like i said any help would be appreciated thx
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what do you want to catch?
Get everyone into a boat and long line troll small 1/4 oz. silver spoons. When I say long line I mean put a lot of line out.....then double it. Troll at medium slow speed, around the islands to the right of the boat ramp. Little cleos are the great on that lake!!! You will hook up guaranteed!! If you don't have boats, then haul everyone over to Lazy Boy or Rogers Mtn. and fish rainbow power bait off the bottom. Once you toss it out let it be, the more you mess with the line the more it will get fouled up in the weeds.

Yeah need to know if you are in boat or not.Approach will be totally different.
have 1 boat gonna be doin both shore and also some boat fishin...thx for the help
From shore I'd throw power bait-it really works!Or crawlers or egg sacs.You can throw kastys they throw well in the wind,a stop and go retrieve works for me.In a boat dont do none of that trolling crap-head up near the inlettill about 8-10 ft deep and then let the wind drift the boat.A piece of worm 5 ft under a small bobber can slay 'em.Or throw and jig 2 or 3 inch twister tails or tube jigs with a piece of worm along the bottom or at mid-depth.If theres a big hatch going on,use a fly and bubble technique.Something white with a tiny piece of worm usually does the trick!I usually fish from shore between lazy boy to sucker cove and towards the inlet.On the marina side I fish from the boat ramp to stoll mtn.In the boat from the inlet to the first to stoll mtn.Good luck,show those dudes for me!Later-
haha awesome info man!! i will put it to work and let ya know how it goes
anyone else have any pointers headin out next weekend....?
you can't go wrong right now at 11M. I was just there this past weekend and caught a boatload of trout and a few kokes. I was in a boat and trolling pretty normal trout stuff. super dupers,cowbells,worm harnesses, koke killers (in red). pretty much everything works this time of year from a boat.
yea i gonna be headin out up there here on friday figured id throw one pole for rainbows and fish the other for pike any ideas on what to use for the pike i have a few spinnerbaits i just bought and see if i can get them to hit that ive heard of alot ppl getiin on em in the past not to sure on what else to try on em...
Should be a great time for the pike-if you want to target them I'd throw a sus. jerk-like a Husky Jerk or a Rogue. Pike just seem to love these and you can cover alot of water. Ed
suspending rogue or rapala in perch patern can be deadly right now. Please throw all pike you catch back. Right now they are full of eggs and spawning.
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