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Fished near Sucker's Cove Sat 03.22 from 6:50 AM to 12:30 PM. Ice is starting to get cloudy and softer and showing signs of thaw/refreeze on cracks etc. 50' from shore the ice was about 15" 50 yds from shore was 20+". About 20 people total in the sucker/s cove/cross creek area and open water growing at inlet. Roads getting wash-boarded but dry. Air temps were 30 to high 30's and winds were calm to 15mph W/NW, sunny skies. The bite was light and happened at 8AM where we harvested 1 - 16" rainbow. Met a nice man and his son and also a large family/group as well.

This trip concludes my ice season but I think the ice at the mile is going to be OK for a couple weeks for those who play is on the "safer" side (i.e. like 10+")
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