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Went up to 11-Mile with the boat and Shane to film the Kayak club tournament. We got the boat thru inspection about 5:30 and headed over to Hobart to film the launch. Shane did about and hour of filming with Kooser and Jonny, then we went out and filmed the members fishing. Kelly also took 500 still photo's for both BTFM and the club. Those guys seem to be a really tight knit group and it was fun to hang with them!!

Around 11:00 am we decided to go pike fishing till the weigh in 2:00. We only got one, but Kelly's first pike ever was 34" and 10-11 lbs. After the weigh in we launched at Spinney and caught one more pike and five trout. It was one of those rare days at Spinney with no wind and lot of biting flies:mad: Still all in all a really fun day!

It says I am out of photo space here. How do I free up some?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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