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In case anyone wanted to know/has not been up there. I took a drive up to the Park this weekend just to get out of the house.

11 mile = I would guess 60 to 65% ice free. North end of the lake is open. Saw a few folks out in tubes. Did not stop to talk to any of them. The wind was howling so a few more days will clear the south end of the lake in no time.

Spinney = Same as 11 mile. Ice is piled up from basically the first ramp to the dam. Of course I could not get close enough to see all of it so this is just an assumption. Rumor has it 1 April.

Antero = Same as above, a few people fishing from the shore were catching fish throwing streamers along the rocks

Dream Stream = Holy cars! Cars as far as you could see. Parking lot was full and cars parked on the side of the road from the Weir and the stream looked packed down stream, a little thinner people wise upstream.

River above Spinney = Saw 1 car right above Spinney and 1 car above Hartsel. Talked to a fella at the gas station that showed me a picture of a bow he caught right above 11 mile, it was pretty damn big, best guess would be close to 10lbs but take that with a grain of salt because i suck at guessing, just look at my NCAA bracket.

Edit* I have pictures on my phone that I will load later tonight.
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