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Fished Sunday from 7ish to 4ish. Not sure about relative flows, but relative levels were down. Clarity good, fish easy to spot.

Wet waded all day, except when I ate and when I took a nap. Lots of cars, but had no trouble finding fresh water. Only had to play leap frog once.

By 10:00 I had lost track of how many I had caught, a couple to 18"-20", most 12"-16", and of course I lost Big Mo due to a bad knot. Twice. Slowed down noonish, maybe a couple fish/hr afterwards?

Green pupas, baetis nymphs, and some golden stones in the ugly water. Not much surface action, although there was a good hatch of #14 caddis mid-afternoon that were being taken(?) subsurface.

This river amazes me in that it gets pounded so hard, but yet it continues to give up good sized fish in good numbers.

Cheers, JB
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