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Downsizing everything and won’t have room to store this. Actually, I haven’t used any of it in years and getting too old to handle it.
The Boat: 12’ Elgin aluminum boat in good condition with new transom. Unsinkable with foam under seats. (works – I tried to sink it when I first got it, haha). I wire brushed it already to remove the oxidation and it looks pretty good. There are plenty of YouTube videos if you want to restore it to a new and shiny look. This old guy doesn’t have it in him to go that far. Has a pair of 8’ oars and oarlocks, and seat cushions. The boat weighs 90#.
The Motor: Mariner XP trolling motor with 28 lbs of thrust power. Originally, I had it as a backup to my 15’ runabout with 70 hp outboard. It was plenty of power for that and it moves this little boat nicely. It may be an old motor but it has not been used a lot and runs fine.
The Trailer: Just a basic, 4x5’ utility trailer with new wood, paint, and reasonable tires. Spare wheel and cover. I have used it to haul a variety of things including my boat. The boat can be towed right side or upside down. I store it on the trailer upside down to keep it from filling with rain or snow. New, heavy-duty tiedown straps.
FREE BONUS: 7.5 HP Elgin motor with gas can, bilge pump strainer, etc. Good compression and my mechanic said it needs some kind of diaphragm for the carburetor. That motor makes this little boat stand on end and move out.
Bracket and pole for rooftop lifting. The pole attaches to a trailer hitch and the bracket locks on to the transom. It makes it easy for one person to load the boat on to a rooftop brackets. When I was younger, I just picked the boat up and loaded on my Jeep. Sigh.

$550 - cash

See picture at!ApeEidzLGLrnqoMZMvP7smSW5ufJkQ?e=V4RxES

Contact me at [email protected]
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