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12 Piece Tungsten Ice Fishing Assortment or 24 Piece Tungsten Chironomid Assortment-$30 Each

12 jig tungsten Ice Fishing jig assortment with one bonus jig included or a 24 Piece Chironomid assortment. Waterproof case is included with both...the jigs are size 8 which is a great all-around Ice Fishing size. The jigs will excel at Ice Fishing but they can be used for other things, as well. They would make great crappie jigs, flies for fly fishing, and more....they will work for pretty much anything through the ice including trout, bluegill, perch, grayling, etc etc. The chironomids are stillwater trout candy but again, they will work for many species in many circumstances. Shipping is free and comes with tracking....

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