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12v 8 or 9ah batteries

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Hey does anyone have a good source for these batteries. Other than batteries plus ect. I had a contact that could get batteries like crazy for free but he moved out of state so now i am looking to see if anyone else may know where we can get these.

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I've got one good bad one...bad one I bought just last year and the good one four or five years ago. I need to get a different charger. I hate the charger that comes with the battery at Cabelas. No indicator light at all...just have to guess how long to charge them.
I do have a charger I can set for two amps...wasn't sure I could use it because I think the cabelas chargers are one amp. Thanks. I'll give it a try.

I was reading up on the lithium batteries for my toon and ice fishing. Here's a thread you might want to check out.
Every pound counts when there's slush on the lake. Let us know if you set up a Lithium for your fish finder.
My original cabelas charger fried also...melted right through the wires. I've read where they have an over heating problem and how you shouldn't leave them unattended. Kinda stupid...Who's going to be around 24 hours straight while they charge a battery?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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