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asking $3500 .. I was asking $4k .. but figured in $500 for oil leak fix .. shop quoted me $500 on that, but I have no time

in lakewood, CO (west of Denver)

Alot of work has been done to this, very clean for its age .. only selling because Im buying a pickup truck, this is my current daily driver. rocks thru the snow / mud. No extreme wheeling by me, just fishing/camping/hunting/snowboarding .. mild offroading

Clean CO title in hand (Owned by me) .. clean carfax report (printed report last week / no wrecks .. Oregon 1st registration .. then came to colorado / no michigan type rust)

Base model 1993 jeep cherokee high output 4.0L .. clean body .. only 1 ding behind passenger rear wheel. Maybe a couple tiny other dings, hard to see

Interior is very clean. I take care of it .. Spring cleaned / detailed last week

NO electric windows / doors to fail .. this 1 is all manual / everything

I bought it at 226 k miles 3.5 years ago .. 255k miles on odometer now .. automatic AW4 transmission is smooth .. I slow flushed the trans fluid .. it is clean .. drives straight / alignment good

Seller told me "rebuilt motor" no paperwork on that .. AC was removed - idler pulley in condenser space now - AC wiring looks to be present .. looks all of the AC equipment was removed .. same with the cruise control, cruise wires were snipped off on steer column lever

NP231 transfer case w/ slip yoke eliminator

dana 30 front axle (non vacuum, on the fly 4x4) .. has the beefier shafts, 1 spare long shaft included. highway speeds are no problem in 4x4 .. 4 LO works, but I havent touched it since original purchase, haven't needed to

Chrsyler 8.25 rear axle .. Rancho Lift w/ Procomp hydraulic shocks

31" AT tires, 6 months old Laufen X Fit AT 31x10.5x15 .. (hankook subsidiary) with Peerless road hazard protection / rotation plan .. have receipt

crankshaft position sensor, spark plugs & all throttle body sensors replaced last november

This jeep is waiting for someone to take it to the next level .. I was gonna go further on additions, but no time. Roof basket is custom welded conduit, rhino lined .. heavy duty with 4 roof bars for support .. highlift jack included .. will hold some serious weight .. not a flimsy aluminum rack

it does have the usual oil leak .. barely drips .. either the Rear seal or oil pan gasket .. I was going to do that next, but no time. The oil drain threads got slightly stripped, it now has a rubber twist oil plug in it. does not leak at all. pan can be either re-threaded with oversized self tapping bolt .. or drill / re-thread hole

Slight oil sweating from valve cover passenger rear side

Oil drips maybe 1 quart per 3k miles .. not too bad

heres a list of parts replaced / notes .. listed in order since purchase

1. cat converter / magnaflow muffler / inline o2 sensor on exhaust .. passed emissions fine
2. ball joints replaced w/ Moog
3. front axle shaft u-joints done same time as above
4. all lights work / all glass is good / no cracks / all windows & doors functional
5. headliner intact / not drooping .. a couple small tears, not too bad
6. serpentine belt
7. Alternator
8. Ignition coil pack, distributor (cap & rotor), spark plugs w/ belden wires
9. Idler pulley
10. water pump / coolant temp sensor
11. radiator / thermostat / heater valve .. heater core flushed
12. 2 more flushes since new radiator .. and all new coolant hoses during that process
13. front / rear axle fluids
14. windshield
15. Rear hatch supports / lifts
16. parking brake lever
17. Procomp hydraulic shocks & front stabilzer
18. All tie rod bushings replaced -- alignment good -- drives straight .. no uneven tire wear . . . regular greasing on those fittings
19. Brakes checked - looked fairly new, but upgraded front
20. New front brakes. slotted/drilled rotors .. matching pads from 4 wheel parts
21. front brake calipers & hoses
22. new Interstate battery -- approx 5 months old
23. throttle body cleaned -- new sensors (tps, air intake sensor, IAC . . . Echlin / napa parts) Nov 2015
24. crankshaft position sensor Nov 2015
25. spark plugs nov 2015
26. fuel filter nov 2015
27. PCV / CCV valves cleaned. Nov 15
28. transmission fluid .. slow flushed, is clean
29. regular oil changes at 3k miles -- pennzoil 10 w 30 conventional (Wix oil filters) .. current oil has approx 500 miles
30. Sony stereo cd player w/ ipod jack & remote
31. windshield wipers are 3 months old
32. window tint was a temp job -- pre cut self install kit, looks ok -- drivers window peeling
33. roof rack -- custom built / welded steel tubing / rhino lined .. very strong ! 4 factory roof bars for support
34. factory wheel w/ spare tire (31") w/ heavy duty cable lock
35. highlift jack .. factory bottle jack kit under rear seat
36. exterior LED lights w/ industrial grade wires, switches mounted on shift lever housing .. 1 for front bumper, 1 for top front, 1 for top rear (backup / camp lights) .. work great !
37. Relays for lights mounted driver side engine compartment .. wiring thru firewall routed under carpet .. are not hooked into ignition, direct power from battery
38. tires less than a year old .. Laufen xfit AT 31/10.5/15 (subsidiary of Hankook )
39. backspaced steel wheels .. nice stance
40. fenders have not been cut
41. Alarm system installed .. but it is not hooked up .. speaker in engine bay, switch under dash, warning light on dash .. i never looked into it .. but a Club steering lock is included w/ keys


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Good lookin Jeep! This is the kind of vehicle I want to get my boys when they start driving. My first vehicle was a lifted 88 Ford Ranger 4x4. I loved that truck.

Good luck with the sale.

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Good lookin Jeep! This is the kind of vehicle I want to get my boys when they start driving. My first vehicle was a lifted 88 Ford Ranger 4x4. I loved that truck.

Good luck with the sale.
I have a lifted 98xj 5 speed. Love it. So easy to lift and mod its crazy.

Hey do you have any spare parts layin around??
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