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haha, I sold a guy a 455 Olds rocket engine so he could put it on his boat too, you guys are nuggets thats just crazy.
You didnt list prices!

Do you have any more stats on the red boat? what year is it? what year is the motor? last time the motor had an overhaul? what does the boat come with? Where are you located?
does the boat have any damage? length of boat? etc..
I am looking for a boat -- my 12 foot flat bottom gets a little scary when the wind picks up.


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Not sure of the year. The motor is a '64 or '65. 16' Made by Chrysler. Tri-hull, ok trailer, it works. Basic boat. Starts right up. It, as well as me, am located in Longmont. Boat comes with everything you see here, boat, motor, trailer, swim lader, fish net, tach, speedo (broken), 1 oar, and probally a battery. Need to get rid of it, where it is being stored is not going to last much longer, and rather than find another place, it is better to just sell it.
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