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2 days at p-lo 10/26-27

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sat we hit the water at 7:04 and got on a community hole there were 3 of us and I had a bad day I only caught 4 eyes but the other guys caught about 45 and no keepers. it seamed like I had hook protectors on my hooks lost7 and miser more than I can count. the other guys lost some and missed some also. it was almost like bumper boats on the spot. the guy next to us caught many more than we did and did get 5 keepers. it drives you crazy when you are all using the same lure and 10 feet away you cant keep up . it was very cold till the clowd cover broke up and warmed us up. the water is in the high 50s I had to come in at 3:30 the other guys fished to about 5:00

sunday we got out a bit sooner and back to the honey hole and I caught 2 right away then a long dry spell with many long line releases and untold misses it was a lot warmer and clear then the wind came up and the bite died so we went to a secret hole and I got 2 17 7/8ths and a few more for a 7 fish total today and I got my butt kicked when my buddy caught about 40 with 1 keeper. it got real hot on the water this afternoon and the water temp was 59. today I had to call it quits at 2:00 the body hurts to easy now, the butt hurts to sit and the back hurts to stand the knees hurt to walk and the shoulder hurts to jig, but outside of that I had fun. it realy reminds me that I cant fish tourneys anymore those 4 or 5 days for 8 hours in a boat and it would take me a month to recoop.
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Way to go Byron-I think I saw you leaving at the NSM when I was putting my boat in the water. Almost came over to join you guys but the bass were biting good so I stayed put. Got 59 also on my gauge-great number for almost Nov.

I'm gonna come back down Tues just to punish myself with the cold.
Nice to be out for 2 days. I haven't been able to get out there during the day on my boat since the last week of September. Missed one of the best months to be on the water down there.

I did get out Saturday night (10/28 ) and put in the boat around 3:30PM. My buddy and I fished the west end until about 1:30 AM. We got 20 walleye with 2 keepers, 2 crappie, 3 bass and a big carp. :-\ Got the bass, crappie and carp before dark, then all wallies.

My buddy was putting it to me all night working jerkbaits against the south shore when, at around 11 PM, I noticed my jerkbait was sinking like lead. Must have cracked somehow and taken on water. Kind of a bummer. Caught the second keeper on the next to last cast over the hump in NSM cove. It was decent weather, decent moon but darned cold!

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Nice!! Good job fellers! I was heading out today but plans changed. I will be out Friday for sure and may sneak out tomorrow afternoon for a few hours! Hope the fish are bitin!
Way to go Byron! I am back on here finally and I am getting out again. It's good to Be back..... see you on the water.
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