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2 more days

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2 more days people and it,s alaska time. Ice this ones for you a day of fly in fishing for huge northerns. 3 days fly in Lake Creek kings 2 days on the salt 3 fishing from the road system rainbows and greyling.
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HELL YEAH!!!! That sounds like a blast. Bring a camera a show us what we all are missing. I can't wait to see some pics.
My brother is up there now. I haven't heard a word from him! Alaska is loads of fun, really big and really uninhabitated.

Have a great trip!

I will take lots of pics. I am ready to leave tomarrow can't get anything done at work anyways on vacation mode already. Talo let me know if you hear from your brother king runs are peaking this week .
Alaska is so nice CARIBOU and king salmon its like the outdoors area of America, hope you have a good time.
I think you could be the 1st one to post some Grayling photos. Good Luck!
good luck stucco! Try to catch a big halibut and don't forget the pics. I want to see a moose or grizzly and of course FISH!!! Be safe brother.
Leaving tomarrow weather is in the low 70,s for the next 4 days king run is soposed to peak this weekend. camara is packed . will let you know how it went in 9 days.
Good luck!!
have a great time and catch lots of fish!
I got back from Alaska temps in the 60's fishing on the rivers slow high water ton of fish with lock jaw.Pike fishing was off the wall 40 fish a day no huge ones though Ocean was killer calm whales, dolphins, seals, otters and puffins. we caught halibut lingcod rockbass and salmon.
So did you have fun? :p
Had a blast i have pics if i can figure out how to post them
IF you cant figure it out you can email them to me and I will post them for you: [email protected], just make a comment about who you are on the board and the post you want them posted in.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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