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I figure there's about 50-60 days of ice time left, and then its time to prioritize... I have some plans in mind for my fishing schedule. Since I don't have easy access to macks, I am basing this off of primarily metro fisheries.

March through May: LMBs and stream trout

May through August: Catfish and panfish

September through October: Stream and high lake trout

November-? ICE ICE BABY.

LMBs during their pre-spawn feed-bag time, Cats and pans during hot summer spawn, fall for the colors of the trout. I didn't get a fall brookie last year and I'm pissed.

Do any of you guys plot your species schedules? I'm interested to hear. :)

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Ice out to May big walleye.

May to July, walleye, wiper and pike.

August thru September, scouting for elk and deer season and fishing small creeks and rivers in the high country.

October, kill ****!

November big walleye!!

December thru February a time of great despair and loathing till ice out, lol.

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lol you must not know much about ice season here in colorado if you think it's gonna end march 19th.. perhaps you should do a search on past reports on here.

I'll answer the question with rituals and family trips...

springtime I'm still walking on water until granby and willy's scares me, last year I was on turquoise in mid may, and the ice was still super firm then. in between trips sometimes I'll indulge in a NE open water foray, in late april I'm usually in eastern oklahoma chasing spawning blues on the arkansas or some tributary reservoir..... and sometimes when I'm really bored I'll go to boulder res or some place like that, and try my luck for walleyes.... which usually goes nowhere because I fucking hate fishing 5 hours a night for a few taps. I don't know how guys like neal, zman, jeremy and troy coburn do it. walleye fishing in spring is my version of zman's disdain for ice fishing/broncos/consuming lake trout. sorry, end go nowhere rant.

Summer lately has become the "run linehaul on weekends" season, so when I get out, I just fish for whatever. if I'm in the mood for bass, I'll go to a bass spot, smallies.. a smally spot, trout... someplace high in the hills. its about opportunity and when it presents itself, I'll take it. later in summer I indulge in shadow mtn spillway, and the canal looking for a few trout or kokanees that start stacking in there.

Fall is my jam, I love fall fishing... early september, I'll try my hand at kokanee salmon at a few spots by kremmling, go up to cataract lake or other brook spots and catch sitting duck brook trout... early october, every saturday morning you'll see me walking the rocks at some south park spots throwing tube jigs for spawning fish early in the morning... granby I'll be chasing the laker spawn on the dikes, at willies this year I learned where they stack at so that will be part of the run from now on.. That has replaced my need for early ice, screw going up to st mary's. I usually do this until ice forms at the middle park lakes which is well into december because most fishermen seem to think all fish hibernate after november.

winter, once ice forms... I'm on that ****. if i'm broke, I'm skunking locally because I suck at fishing for walleyes through the ice, but like an idiot I keep trying. If I can get people to carpool or I got 20 extra dollars I go up into the hills and chase lakers, preferably at middle park lakes. sometimes I dip into leadville and fish there, when the hype dies down I'll go to elevenmile and try some spots that look great... and I'll continue to ice fish well into the spring because nothing is better than a 60 something degree day in the mountains, ice fishing on a 2 foot thick sheet of ice and pounding anxious lake trout because by april everyone has their ice **** in storage and I have the lakes to myself.
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