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Creek Company ODC 1220 pontoon boat--$575.00

2-person pontoon boat, perfect for fly fishing or waterfowl hunts. Can be set up for 1 or 2 persons, easy to assemble or take down. Big, stable pontoons are 12' and 20" diameter, rated to 600 #. Comes with pair of 8' oars, bronze oarlocks adjust to 3 positions. Front station includes leaning bar, standing platform, stripping apron and zippered mesh bags beneath seat. Converts to 1 person by centering rear rowing frame only over pontoons. Rear cargo deck with motor mount for up to 36# thrust trolling motor. Two huge waterproof gear bags mount to frame by oars. Swivel seat mounts that are extra tall. I have had the boat for about 8 years, used 5-6 times per season. Well cared for and always stored deflated, clean and indoors. No patches or repairs, actually in near new condition. Selling because I no longer have a truck and it is too big for my mid-sized car and I want to get a kayak or something smaller. Pictures are for 1-person setup. Front frame easily attaches in about 10 minutes (but before putting pontoons on).

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