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20" cutthroat, broken camera !!!!

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Today I was on river X and to my surprise managed to pull a 20" cutt out of a little pool. I was really surprised because I didn't know that river X had cutthroat in it.

It was a good time on the ultralight and a beautiful fish except that it had a sore/ injury on it's back. Of course I dropped my digital camera in river X last week and it no longer works. So the 20" cutthroat (master angler qualifying length) is back in river X since it's an endangered fish and I have no picture to remember it by.

moral: Don't drop your camera in the river or at least buy a waterproof one because as soon as you leave home without it, you will catch a BIG fish.

The funniest part is that if I had caught it 5 min earlier...two guys were walking by with a bunch of fishing gear and they proabably had a camera and could have taken my picture and emailed it to me or something...but time was not on my side.

As Bart Simpson would say: "the ironing is delicious."
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I was being a smartass...It was the Poudre.

So here's my dilemma:

a 20" cutt is a master angler fish. Since I didn't have a pic I would need 2 witnesses to verify the fish. Now, I caught, measured and released the fish fairly and legally but no-one witnessed it. Is it a moral dilemma if I fudge the witnesses a bit...say have my wife and a friend as witnesses? What would you guys do? It's not that the award is that big of deal, but it would be kind of nice. opinions are welcome.
Upon further research, I've decided it was a cutbow. It was still pretty, fun to catch, a good time, and I'm still bummed I didn't have the camera but now at least I don't feel bad about the master angler thing. I don't think my conscious would have let me fake the witnesses anyway.

I had never caught a cutthroat or cutbow before so forgive my irrational craziness.
If I would have had the bucket, I could have brought the fish home, took a pic, got a witness and then brought it back and released it. Maybe I should have a bucket!

It would be a little hard wading the river with a 5 gallon bucket though.

Maybe I should just hire one of you bucket guys to follow me around :D
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