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20" cutthroat, broken camera !!!!

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Today I was on river X and to my surprise managed to pull a 20" cutt out of a little pool. I was really surprised because I didn't know that river X had cutthroat in it.

It was a good time on the ultralight and a beautiful fish except that it had a sore/ injury on it's back. Of course I dropped my digital camera in river X last week and it no longer works. So the 20" cutthroat (master angler qualifying length) is back in river X since it's an endangered fish and I have no picture to remember it by.

moral: Don't drop your camera in the river or at least buy a waterproof one because as soon as you leave home without it, you will catch a BIG fish.

The funniest part is that if I had caught it 5 min earlier...two guys were walking by with a bunch of fishing gear and they proabably had a camera and could have taken my picture and emailed it to me or something...but time was not on my side.

As Bart Simpson would say: "the ironing is delicious."
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River "X", uh-oh here we go again...
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