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GF and I recently got out to hit some open water Largemouth at a reservoir not too far away from us. Glad we did as it was a really fun day out on the water. We chose the wrong day to bring out the belly boats as it was SUPER WINDY but still managed to have fun (and get stronger legs)! If it wasn't such a walk to haul those things to the reservoir we probably wouldn't have haha.

Water was still pretty cold, didn't have a thermometer but estimate probably around high 40's/low 50's. Decided to start with the chatterbait with a 4" Zako swimbait trailer and it did really good work for me. Consistently landed me fish throughout the half day we were there.

Hope you guys enjoy the video! Was nice to get some drone shots finally for a bass video to see some different landscapes! Attached are photos of the days as well :D


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