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3:16 no bull frog

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Was browsing the 3:16 website late last night and came across the no bull frog, measuring in at 7 inches. The pictures.....well they were not very appealing, but then again a lot of baits don't look too hot and are dynamite (MS Slammer).

Anyhow, found a couple videos of them in action. Maybe I am easily impressed, or maybe it was 1 a.m. and that is when I make most of my irrational fishing purchases, but I immediately tried buying some only to find out most colors are out of stock. Anyone fish them by chance? Read one review that said the hook up ratio is trash but the explosions alone are worth the price of admission....
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definitely looks solid. I have some but have never thrown them. will have to this summer.
Hook up ratio on TW frogs in general not good, so that on a review wouldn't deter me. Personally I like the Roland Martin/dean Rojas ones... Sorry brain fart... Booya maybe? If I'm throwing popin/floating frogs. I LOVE the speed frogs (zoom horney toads, Stanley ribbit, etc.) they frickn explode on em and if they miss it, pause and let it sink... They'll turn around and crush it on the drop. Gene Lerew used to make a killer 3 legged frog.
Those are slick. Interested to see how they work
I have not thrown that particular bait but I throw the caca out of hollow body frogs like the spro, swamp donkey, SP perfect frog in the summer.

My input would be to get the bait and give it a try. Mickey makes awesome baits and I bet you would get some mean blow ups with the chance to connect for a home run. If your chasing pike and tigers expect that bait to get destroyed quick.

With the big frog I would fish big braid 65-80lb. Me myself would fish 80 on that bait and a heavy long flippin stick to really give them the barbarian crush on hook set.Pair with a fast ratio reel.

I may be wrong but I think that bait is not really suited for walking the dog and is more of a chugging strait forward with a lot of the action in the legs. I bet with some mean rips of the rod you could create a lot of commotion on the surface with that big frog. Get some mean chugs and splashes going on like the frog is going ape **** and then just kill it, cold chillin style no movement deadstick , be patient and wait for the blaze.

Good luck.
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Spro!!! Thx drivin me nuts
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