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3 newbies to this ice this Saturday

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Myself and two other guys are planning on ice fishing for the first time this Saturday. None of us have experience with ice fishing, although we are all avid fisherman (fly, boats, spincasting, etc). We each were given a task, mine is tactics. So, here I go...

1) How do we decide where to drill our holes?
2) Bait/lures?
3) Do you play with depths or does it depend on species?

I believe we are headed to Gross, though not sure yet. Also, any etiquette I should know about? For instance, is it bad form to set up 10 feet from another guys hole? Any input is appreciated.

Also, the other two guys were tasked with location, and gear. We will have all of the gear, including a hut, auger, rods, etc. I need to know things like the questions above.
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There is one pond that is C&R, as it is managed for bass, other than that, you can keep fish at STV.
Just to clarify, at St. Vrain bald eagle pond is catch and release only for any bass and is artificial only. Blue heron, the large lake, is also catch and release only for all bass and has some restrictions on large cats as well. All other ponds you can keep your fish. On another note, no ice fishing allowed on pelican pond due to all the aerators.
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