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Started fishing at Bonny around 5am yesterday. Man that walk down the dam from the top is no joke and the walk back up. Right when we got there catfish started biting. We caught them with crawfish tails on the bottom. Tried jigs, minnows with slip bobbers couldn't catch any crappies. Around 1130 i looked around the shore and i saw a family catching fish, wasnt sure what kind. We packed up out stuff and walked up the wonderful dam and went to the shore. When we got there a family with about 6-7 were killing the whitebass. They were catching them 2-3 people at the same time a couple of times. I dont even wanna estimate how many fish they caught it was alot. We ended up with one whitebass. We used the same bait as they did crawfish tails. They fished at the point so they were in deeper water than we could get to. I forgot to bring my waders big mistake i made. We only stood about 40 feet from them but we couldnt cast as far as them from the point they were on. Depressing . If we stayed on the dam we could of caught alot more catfish but we wanted whitebass. Got to the point that i got tired of just watching them catch fish, so we ended the day it was 230pm when we left. O yea they were still catching fish when we were leaving lol.
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