These are in excellent shape. Many have not been used at all. I love this brand but have too many of these. They retail for like $ least many of them do. 35 for $200 shipped is like $5.50 a piece. Private message me and I'll give you my PayPal...then I'll ship them this week.

The first photo has slender pointer 112mrs on the top left hand side. The middle row is pointer sp 100s and the top right is flash pointers. The bottom right is a staysee.
On the photo with the larger Jerkbaits in the top left-hand corner, those are pointer sp 128s. The bottom left is a staysee 90sp version 2, a pointer 78sp dd and an American shad colored flash pointer that I think is a 98? The three on the top right are light info pointers and the big group on the bottom right side are pointer sp 78s.