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Caught them all on two lures, a large cicada blue/nickel, and a similar but mid-size blade bait (forgot the exact name but the cicada worked just as well). I was standing on south shore rip rap with the wind whipping warm water toward me and a storm front sort of coming through. There were a few drops of rain and a rainbow. I caught most on a rather rapid stop and go retrieve. I probably retrieved 10-12 ft then gave the line slack and let the bait free fall for 1 sec or less. Some also hit on a remarkably fast non-stop retrieve for this time of year. They were all stacked up 1-6 feet from shore in 6" to 3-4' deep water.

The inlet to the lake started running yesterday at a trickle. This lake is 13 acres and 6' deep max so it probably warms up quickly and cools quickly if it snows again. It's stained and you can probably only see a few feet into the water, less when the wind is blowing.

Any one else out there having luck on these lures this time of year? They're worth a try.

It was in a private lake in the city and county of Denver for which I had permission to fish today. 2/3 of the bass were 10-12' long, 1/3 were 14-15" and the biggest was 17'. Over the years I've dinged a few hogs (i.e. bucket mouths large enough to easily engulf my fist before I let 'em go.) The measurements are approx and based on my rod guides. The fish count is approx also but it was phenomenal fishing. I fished for 3.5 hours and probably dinged a bass on every 6th cast.
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