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I know I posted this topic before but my budget has gone up. So if I was to get a 3wt and had about $250-$300 to spend what would you reccommend? St petes has a sage 3wt for $250. I need to mess around with it and cast it but that seems to be the way I'm leaning.

Any suggestions?
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I have owned a 5 wt orvis T3 for 3 years and love it. i bought my son a 4 wt TFO for christmas 2 years ago and it is a great rod for the money. At this years denver sport show i just purhcased the new 0 wt. TXL from sage.
I have fished with it 10+ times and have landed some suprisingly large trout on it.

Every rod i buy from here on out will be the sage.

It should be said that i have never owned or casted a loomis, which i understand is a great rod as well.

Tight lines
I have a ross (colorado model) they are still around on some clearance sales but I belive it has recently been discontinued. I am happy with the whole outfit. I planned on buying the 3 wt. but after casting the 0 wt  and some research on the net - i went with the 0.  With a 6x or 8x tippit a rod is not the limiting factor. I can apply enough pressure to land large fish and the soft tip protects my light tippit. As for the fish i hooked Sat. that took me to my backing  I am not sure my 5 wt. would of made any difference, i could of applied more pressure sure, but i don't believe my tippit would of held.

The ross colorado reel does not have a drag setting. For what that reel is made for they figured it wasn't necissary. i palmed it just fine on the only fish that made the big run (downstream with the current)  I landed two fish 19" - 20" on it and i am confident i can land larger.  I have a disposable camera (i don't take my digital along anymore :mad:)  I carry in my vest when it gets full i will get it developed and post them.

I have the orvis LA (large arbor) and the orvis batteenkill  Have had no problems with either ( i fish hard and often).

Tight lines

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