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4/12/06 Dream Stream and 11 Mile Canyon

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I drove to the Dream Stream this morning (my first trip to this location) and thought I'd submit a report. The fishing pressure was pretty light with only a few cars in the lot by the bridge and even fewer in the lot closer to the dam where I ended up parking. The river's flow was moderately slow with lots of vegetation floating downstream, including entire tumbleweeds occasionally. The fishing activity was slow with most persons leaving before I did. I caught a 14" rainbow on a flashback nymph trailed below an egg pattern. I fished for three hours.
I then drove to the 11 Mile canyon more or less just to see it and ended up fishing just below the last bridge for another four hours. This is a beautiful stream with many visible fish holding in the current, nymphing. I spoke to a fellow who had been there since mid-morning. He had good mornning luck with "any nymph pattern that had a little red color in it" and then later in the AM with size 18 parachute Adams. I fished several sizes of nymphs below a strike indicator and caught another 14" rainbow while I was there. This fish was very strong and took me quite a ways downstream before coming to the net. He was caught on a size 22 black RS-2.
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