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Got on Chatfield at 9 AM, headed back over to the No Wake and 30' deep area we were are on Saturday. One other boat anchored there with lines in the water. Schools of fish showing up on sonar, so we dropped anchor and lines with nightcrawlers. SKUNKED AGAIN ??? ??? :( Not a single bite for 2 1/2 hours. Sonar "beeping" off and on showing school after school of fishing......NONE HUNGRY though. The other boat anchored there was catching NOTHING either. Other boats in the area, but nothing being caught (no excitement at all going on).
Decided "enough is enough", pulled up anchor, pulled in lines, put down sterndrive and (not thinking) shut of depth info!! Took off and got stopped in 3' of water. Prop got stuck in sandy bottom. Couldn't raise sterndrive up and couldn't push the boat out with a pole we had. Lucky a boat close to us pulled us out of the area.
It was fun being in the boat on Chatfield this weekend, but the fishing was 100% horrible and then getting stuck in a sandy bottom........HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!
Better luck next weekend (hopefully), if it don't rain (forecasted).
Maybe we will try CC.
Cody & Nancy
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