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I spent the whole week last week fishing the NWT at Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin so I hadn’t been out on PLO for nine days. Nothing had changed and fishing is still great!! My clients caught 60 eyes yesterday from 17-22 inches. Fish were anywhere from 3-15 feet deep. They kept one limit and released some other keepers including the 22 incher. Water temp was about 64.
YES !!
Me and 2 of My Buddies fished Mon. - Thurs. mornings from maybe 6:30 till Noon.
Conservative estimate that We boated at least 250 Wallies.... Got about 40 over 18".. biggest was 23".. released of course.
Got about 25 Smallies mixed in with the Eye's.... biggest there was 17.5" By My Cousin.
My Cousin also got a 5lb Cat with an Orange Walley Diver still stuck in its mouth :eek::eek:
GREAT fishing.... a bit windy at times in the afternoons, BUT.. that was cocktail time anyway, so no problem. >:D>:D
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