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This is a reliable rod and reel, and would be a great purchase for newer or beginner fly fisherman. I've used it very sparingly, as I have other rods I prefer to fish with, but this rod has served me very well.

Some general notes:

- 9' 5 wt rod
- Redington CD 5/6 reel with backing and line
- Good all-purpose rod, can be used for small trout streams, still waters, or larger rivers

One side note: The tip section was broken a couple years ago, and that section was replaced with the tip section from another 5 wt. rod. I have not noticed a difference in action, and the replacement section should not compromise the structural integrity of the rod itself.

I'm asking for $100 for the rod and reel combo, but would be willing to negotiate. Call or text 970-988-1156 for any questions or if you would like to come take a look. I live in Fort Collins, but would be willing to meet somewhere nearby or ship to someplace farther out.


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