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6/26 3 spots, 1 day, cripple creek ponds, arsenal, quincy

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So I was at my friends cabi Saturday night and we fished the ponds there. That's up at Cripple Creek. Caught 1 bow at midnight and 3 more bows in the morning. (nobody probably cares about those private ponds, so u probably dont need details)

We were gonna hit 11 mile but just went home. Got home around 1:30 and went to the arsenal with my dad. The place was empty!! We went to Mary's. I now know why it was empty...SLOW SLOW SLOW. Finally 20 minutes before 4:0, I caught a big LMB on a big green tube jig along the walkway in some really thick cover. Saw some morons hook a bullfrog and lift him up...what a bunch of morons!!!!!!! At least they let him go.

On the way home my friend called me and was waiting in my driveway. Rode with him and got to Quincy just as the rain started... It ws horrible on 470, but once we got to the lake it wasn't toooooooo bad. I caught a nice bass on a brwnish gold spinnerbait fom the dock. (sorry Jay, but read on, hehehe) My 2 friends each got a stocker on a kastmaster. (just for u jay) We walked around to the left and fished in some cove back there. Only managed one big bass and some hits. The bass was on a Texas rigged Watermelon weight deadsticking sorta.  I got a huge hit on a big buzzbait and just wanted to note that I think that is possibly the coolest thing ever when fishing a buzzbait and they come out of nowhere and just whack it, I jerked it out of his mouth and nailed the ranger's boat while he wa trying o start it up, haha, fun stuff.

GREAT day of super fishing at three places.

I wa gonna night fish chatfield, but my relistic half of my brain said I may actually be all fished out for one day.

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Sounds like a nice day. Has anyone ever fished 24 hours straight?
I dunno about the same spot for 24 hours....

this site should host like a fish-a-thon and we all have to fish non-stop for 24 hours...wouldn't be bad if the fish were biting
"Ironman Fishathon" ;D
I have fished for almost 24 hours before but not in the same spot. Trust me, you get tired ;D
TFB, I figured you and some others might have done this. Slayerfish, HookNLine, also come to mind.

Like you, I fished for well past 12 hours before, but never 24.
"fish til you drop is the way we do it in summit county".slayer is the man he went where i suggested to him in one day thats insane. he is the man
I've done the 24 hr shifts before.. As most of y'all know, it's rough.

Longest was:

Went to Bonny, caught a few but not quite the bite we were lookin for... Drove to "big JM" in the south, went to Nee Gronde, Nee Noshe and then all the way back to N. Sterling then home.. Pops would sleep here and there at stops while I fished and fished.. Hibernated almost the same amount of hours when we got home. Miss the days of $1/gal. gas, but that was when I couldn't quite drive yet "legally". Don't tell pops..

I try to steer away from the 24 hr or more fishing stunts tho.. Especially if I'm driving. Had some close calls before. If going far, it's best to stay overnight where you can slip in some rest before the long drive back.

Sorry Stang, went way off topic on your topic.. Looks like you had fun! Looks like you're addiction to fishing is becoming more intense as your days go by. Here's two thumbs up for you!

I don't know about fishing marathons, but me and my girlfriend hit Quincy on both Saturday and Sunday. Thought I'd just tag a quick report onto mustang's thread.

Fished the east side, west side, dock, and south side. Tossed Senko's and caught some largemouths. Weather was really fickle... especially Sunday. Sunny, calm, cloudy, windy, tropical storm, partially cloudy, then sunny again with a gorgeous sunset. Didn't seem to bother the fish.

<IMG SRC="">

<IMG SRC="">
Ken Broeren said:
Nice Catch, Dante!
The fish look nice too! ;)
ePiC said:
Ken Broeren said:
Nice Catch, Dante!
The fish look nice too! ;)

LoL. Where did you catch that? Also where did you catch the fish??? :)

those are!
Which one is you Dante?
Dan said:
Which one is you Dante?
note to self: If fishing alone and Dan happens along... <b>RUN!</b>

Dan hasnt been right since his second wife...she kept the big walleyes in the divorce settlement... ;)
I walked away with the clothes on my back, my fishing/camping equipment loaded in my car. That was the happiest I was with her! It was like running the garbage disposal and all the trash was gone!

As for keeping the big fish in the divorce. There never were any big fish back then.

I'll bet #2 didn't fish, Dan.

It's always nice when you can share interests with your significant other.

Getting back to fishing, this is our first year targeting bass. Do they stay active all summer? What about the fall months? I bought a few top water lures but no luck at Quincy with them. Perhaps they work better when fished around lots of cover? I thought about trying them out at Sawhill since I saw so many frogs the last time I was there.

Thanks for the info... (and the jokes ::) )

Nice !  I've been slacking on my Bass fishing. It's been so hot I've been sticking to mt. lakes. (I did fish Frank Easement on Mon., but only got a couple of 12 inchers.)
After seeing your pics, I'm going to have to hit Pella's for a while before hockey tomarrow, and probably have to plan something for Sun.
You've inspired me  ;D   

Oh! I almost forgot... Mustang --- You're the man! I was hoping to ask you what line (lbs and braided, floro, or mono ?) you used at the arsonal? I was going to PM you (since you're reports are the best ;)), but figured I'd try here 1st. Any tips ? Thanks.

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