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6 species day!!

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Hit Harvey again today, dropped the camera and the screen was filled with perch. 5 minutes in a big smallie comes in, I didn't even have a line in as I was still setting up the gf. I coached her a bit and fish on!! A solid 3 lb'r, the perch were more than happy to play, waxies all day. Then the fun stuff, suddenly all the perch on the screen vanish and in comes cruising a FAT northern, never had a chance on 4 lb test. More perch and then a first for me, tiger muskie, large and in charge! They are growing fast, too bad they are going to drain the lake :mad::mad::mad::mad: Later came a crappie and a gill. Ended the day seeing 3 northerns and 3 muskie. Brought home a handful of perch for eats.
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Sounds like a fun fun day. I was repairing fence today-
That draining stuff is BS. The last thing this state needs is another stock trout fishery AKA Berkley advertisement set for play dough.

Oh yeah...Sounds like an adventuresome day. Some good pike in there!
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