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Got out to 11-Mile Reservoir with 3 other fishing buddies at 4:15 AM. Friends got a few in the 17-inch range, but I was shutout. I tried about 50 different lures from shore over the course of 7 hours, with only a few followers. Conditions were too damn perfect apparently for hanging out but not fishing! Fished Rocking Chair area and the temps were around 80 degrees with zero wind for a change. Water was like glass, if you don't count all the lake weeds that were floating about. Every other cast I was into a 4-foot feed weed on the surface. Still, shutout but a lot of fun.

Moved to Rampart Reservoir after grilling some brats and burgers for lunch, and got there around 3:00 in the afternoon. Was greeted by pouring rain and lightning, but luckily it moved out after about an hour. Fished the picnic area right before the dam, and we all had great luck catching stockers. I was catching them off of white miller and march brown lures (1/4 oz inline spinners with gold blade and white and brown trim), and one friend had luck with red and white daredevils, while the others were using rainbow powerbait. Weather turned sunny with a slight breeze. I got into a real nice fish that took my lure about 40 feet to the bottom and then shot straight into the air and shook the lure free. I would have let what appeared to be a 20+ inch rainbow go free, but I guess he didn't want to trust me on that!

We all limited out on pan size trout after about 3 hours of fishing. A great day of being in the great Colorado outdoors! On the way back down highway 24 to the Springs, traffic was backed up because they shut it down for a few hours due to the earlier heavy rains triggering mud slides. Took about 1 1/2 hours to get from Woodland Park to the Springs.
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