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7 hp Sea King

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Free to someone that can really use it on their small boat. I haven't started it. However, it does have a brand new recoil and pull cord and I was assured it would run. It's air cooled. If you need it. It's yours. Just shoot me a PM.
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Very cool... many kudo's and lot's of good karma coming your way as well!
That’s very generous of you to do that! You don’t see that very often
I was recently gifted two motors. You don't see that very often either. Still blown away. This motor is still available.

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It is and it's yours. I live in Monument. Just shoot me a PM. Dave
I also have a heavy duty dolly that connects to the top of the transom. Flip the boat and pull it anywhere. Yours if you can use it...or anyone else.

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Nice meeting you Dean. Hope you all can put those to use.
Hey Dave, just got back from fishing Antero. Great day!

And nephew says a big thank you for those items! Said he got spark but no "pop" with just a prime. Needs to hook up a tank.

I saw pictures of the restore on facebook....awesome job!!! Had I known you were doing that boat I would have insisted on having a look in person!

And again, a big thank you....
Glad he likes it Dean. That's good news. With spark, he's two thirds of the way there and that motor should fire. Cool. Hope he has fun with it.

Also the plug gap on that motor is .025 and the points .020. Fuel mixture 24:1 using chainsaw/lawnmower two stroke oil rather than marine two stroke oil.
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