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7 species day, 1st Wally of the season!

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Didn't feel like driving cross country, so decided to stay local. Started at a metro pond, caught 2 bass, a billion perch (largest 11in.), a carp, & a sucker (free laker bait :) All on small jigs and waxes.

Fished there from 8:30 - 1:00, went home to grab some lunch, Then hit CC form the evening bite. Started with a slimer, played some hackey sack with the shad, then got a nice 20in. fattie eye @ 5:05. Eye hit a silver/black blade, bow & shad on gold jigging rap.

Screen looked like my X-mas tree, lit up the entire time from 4:45 to 6:00 with the shad. Screen went blank for a minute, that's when the walleye hit. Came off @ the hole, had to sacrifice my arm and glove to the water gods ;) Left @ 6:00 . fished 14.5 ft of water, lots of slush on top.

Total mileage; 45 miles ;D
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Nice report. Nice eye. Hope to see you on the ice soon. Jake
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