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Hi everyone, well after so much fishing this season in below freezing temps, snow, cold wind, with ice in guides it has really been nice the past couple weeks to get out and fish with some real nice weather! I have really enjoyed it! I have fished a number of times since I last posted, had two days of really fast action; fished in the rain the other evening, it was real nice to be out in the rain and not snow, threw on my goretex coat, had some bass nectar Pandora radio in the ear buds, got to fishin' and got in the zone, soon after I was landing fish just about every other cast or so, I was goin for trout that time biggest of the evening was a bow about 16" , nothing big but just really enjoyable to be out in the rain. I also had some fast action for whitebass the other day, landed 18 in half a day of fishin'. Besides that I also took my daughter bass fishin' the other day, to tell ya the truth action could've been faster but such a nice day to be out. I got decent one on right after we got there which I then handed off the rod and my daughter fought it. We met up with James & his kids later on in the day. We caught a few more, James got biggest of the day. Different location, I also caught a few wallys and {to my surprise} landed a nice one during the day, also the largest one I've landed on light gear which ya they don't fight like some fish but was a pretty fun fight on my light rod & 6# line. Here's a few pics, tight lines.

tha eye, no measurements or weight, I did C&R the eye. Take a look at the damaged dorsal fin...I wondered if it hit a boat prop of sth??? Real nice fat fish tho and looked health so I guess the injury wasn't slowing her down too much:

Here's my daughter with one she hauled in:

Got a good sale price on this 13 fishing omen rod at the end of last season, Thanks Boon for the recommendation. My daughter said the new bass rod looks fancy...well you know what fancy people do...yep, when in doubt pinky out.

Another indigenous life form, komodo dragon:

Did that with most of 'em:

And this with a few of 'em:

Tight lines.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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