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Hey all..getting rid of a few extra things to try and fund some trips this summer. Here's what I have..

Orvis TLS Power Matrix 9' 5wt Tip Flex: This rod just had the top 2 sections replaced by Orvis a few weeks back and has only been fished once since. The rod is in great condition considering the use I've got out of it, it has no structural damage at all but is a little beat up from the sun and the cork is a bit dirty. Great rod, but it needs to go to someone who will use it more. Would be a great beginner rod. $100

Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor: This reel is in pretty good shape, has the standard dings and scratches from 3 years of use but the drag is 100% working and I've never had any issues with the reel. The line that is on the reel is an Airflo Ridge Supple Impact WF5F and I just put it on a few months ago. $50

Fishpond Double Haul Pack: I used this pack maybe 7-10 times for trips up into high lakes and creeks and for longer days when I needed to pack a rain jacket. It's been sitting in my closet for a year and it's time to go. It's clean and in nearly brand new condition. Great pack and very roomy with the chest pack and backpack to go along with it. Retail is $139 so I'd say $90 or $100 is a fair price.

I also have an older net (2 years) that has a standard mesh bag on it. It's smaller but would be great for a beginner. $50

PM me with any questions! I'd love to make a deal on the whole lot with someone or if you are interested in some pieces just let me know!
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