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No other way to say it - we stuck it to em with 6 being a luck number tonight; 60+ fish in the boat, 26" fish, 6lb fish. We fished from 2 until 11, water temps from @ 50 to 58 depending on where we were, multiple methods of take, 4 species - it was awesome! Easily the most walleye I have caught in a day. We even have a "Slayer tailgate of DEATH" pic :)

The best part is I have a new fish'n buddy! Colorado is experienced and hard-core, fishing many areas with many techniques until a solid pattern is put together to slay em. We had a period where I had three in a row with the 1st and third being a double, then Colorado had six in a row - it really was epic for this walleye newbie. Then the monster 26", #6 big girl to seal off the night was the cherry on top. Colorado's face says it all - enjoy!

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